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Record Expungement Can Give You A Fresh Start

Do you have a past arrest or criminal conviction that will not stay in the past? You may have lost out on good jobs because of your criminal record. Or maybe you have lost sleep worrying that your criminal past will bubble up in some embarrassing way.

You might qualify for record expungement to clear your criminal record and put a regrettable incident behind you. At Wm. Bruce Shepley, Attorney at Law, we can determine if you are eligible to have old records expunged (erased) or sealed. Based in Oregon City, we serve expungement needs statewide.

What Is Expungement? Do I Qualify?

Criminal records are visible when employers, colleges, lenders, private investigators or other parties conduct a background search. An old conviction may cause you to be excluded from employment, housing and other benefits of society.

Expungement is a formal legal process to erase those records or make them invisible from background checks and other searches of court records. Under Oregon law, an expunged conviction is deemed not to have occurred. You can legally state – on a job application, for instance – that you have not been convicted of that offense.

Expungement is a highly technical process and hinges on many factors, such as:

  • The nature of the offense
  • The amount of time since the conviction
  • Successful completion of probation (if applicable)
  • The absence or presence of other offenses on your record
  • Prior expungements

If you qualify, all records related to the arrest and prosecution of that crime are sealed or erased. Some crimes are never eligible for expungement. Some offenses will still be visible to law enforcement and the criminal courts (and still count as priors) even they are sealed from general background searches by the public.

We Are Well-Versed In Expungement Law

Bruce Shepley has practiced criminal law in Oregon since 1984. He has helped hundreds of clients get a new start on life by successfully expunging their criminal records. He will tell you upfront if you are not eligible, rather than taking your money and wasting your time.

Your criminal past should not haunt you or hold you back, especially if you have turned your life around. Call us at 503-683-3967 or contact us online to arrange a consultation about a possible expungement.