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Do You Understand Your Rights During A Drug Investigation?

Prosecutors often aggressively pursue enforcement of drug laws in the state. Drug offenses in Oregon significantly range from a minor possession charge that can result in a light sentence to significant prison sentences. If you have been charged with a drug crime, call our criminal defense lawyer at 503-683-3967 to schedule a confidential consultation.

Types of Drug Offenses in Oregon

Some of the drug offenses that the Wm. Bruce Shepley, Attorney at Law, can defend our clients against include:

  • Possession – Marijuana possession for personal use is now legal in Oregon. Possession of small amounts of all drugs like cocaine would be referred to as a violation and not a felony.
  • Distribution – Oregon makes it illegal to deliver or transfer a controlled substance to another person.
  • Manufacturing – It is illegal in Oregon to produce, prepare or process drugs without having the professional capacity to do so. Additionally, it is considered a violation of the manufacturing law to package or repackage a drug.

Penalties for Drug Possession

The possible penalties that a person faces for drug offenses depends on a number of factors, including their existing criminal history and the specific crime they are charged with. For possession charges, the main consideration is which schedule of drugs the defendant is found in possession of. The possible penalties include:

  • Schedule I $250,000
  • Schedule II $125,000
  • Schedule III $6,250
  • Schedule IV $1,250
  • Schedule V $250

To guard against these potential penalties, contact Wm. Bruce Shepley, Attorney at Law, today.