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We Can Help If You Are Accused Of Domestic Violence

Law enforcement and the courts in Oregon take domestic violence seriously. So seriously that they give the benefit of the doubt to anyone who says they have been assaulted or abused. It’s up to you to prove otherwise. That’s where Wm. Bruce Shepley, Attorney at Law, can help.

If you are accused of domestic violence, it is important that you quickly contact a knowledgeable criminal defense lawyer who can take immediate steps to protect your legal rights. Bruce Shepley will defend you against the criminal charges as well as the issuance of a permanent restraining order. Call right away at 503-683-3967.

Understanding Domestic Violence Charges

Domestic violence refers to physical assault, sexual abuse or threatening actions against a family member or household member. The complainant could be a spouse or live-in partner, a former spouse or unmarried co-parent, a sibling or adult child, or a dating partner.

If police are called, you might be charged with one or more of the following offenses:

  • Assault II (second-degree assault)
  • Assault III (third-degree assault)
  • Assault IV (fourth-degree assault)
  • Strangulation – Choking or covering the person’s airway
  • Menacing – Making threats of violence
  • Harassment – Offensive words, gestures or physical contact
  • Stalking – Following, spying, unwanted contact
  • Coercion – Intimidating an abuse victim
  • Interference with making a report – Such as preventing a 911 call

These can be felony charges if the assault involved serious injury, strangulation or a dangerous weapon. Any of these are serious offenses, and Bruce Shepley draws on 35 years of criminal law experience to defend you.

Possible Consequences Of A Domestic Violence Conviction

Oregon adopts an “act now, investigate later” approach to accusations of domestic violence. Once law enforcement receives a report of an alleged domestic incident, the mandatory arrest law requires them to take one or both parties into custody. Typically a restraining order accompanies a domestic violence arrest. This usually results in the removal of the accused from the home and a ban on any communication between the parties. The person accused may also be barred from contact with his or her children while the case is pending.

A conviction could mean:

  • Jail or prison time
  • Fines and court costs
  • Mandatory enrollment in a batterer’s program
  • Loss of the right to own or possess firearms
  • Losing custody or visitation with your children
  • The future consequences of a criminal record

We Are Here To Defend Your Rights

Our experienced lawyer will challenge the allegations and fight to protect you against these possible consequences. Call Bruce Shepley today at 503-683-3967 or contact us online to arrange a free consultation. Based in Oregon City, we take cases in Clackamas County and the tri-county area.