A Strong Defense Is Based On Knowledge And Experience

Don’t Let Criminal Charges Define Your Life

If you were arrested for a crime, you may feel scared about your situation and hopeless about the future.

  • You don’t have to face this alone.
  • You don’t have to just “take your punishment.”
  • You should not let this one episode ruin your life.

Bruce Shepley has practiced criminal law for over 35 years. As your defense lawyer, he aims to spare you from the harsh consequences of a criminal conviction if at all possible. He can also help you clear your criminal record if a past arrest or conviction is holding you back.

Whatever The Charges, We Can Improve The Outcome

We represent people of all walks of life who are accused of crimes. Many are young adults in trouble with the law, maybe for the first time. We help you deal with the realities of criminal charges, such as the possible penalties you face and whether to negotiate a deal or fight the charges in court. We do everything we can to minimize the penalties and impact on your future.

Bruce Shepley is equipped to defend you in any criminal matter, including:

Over 35 Years Of Experience On Your Side

Bruce Shepley has practiced criminal law since 1984. Earlier in his career, he served as both a public defender and a prosecutor in the local courts. He has been in private practice as a criminal defense attorney for over 30 years. He also serves as a municipal court judge in Lake Oswego. His wide experience in the criminal justice system enables him to view your criminal charges from all angles and put you in position for the best outcome.

You Still Have A Bright Future Ahead Of You

We help you figure out how to move forward from a dark chapter of your life. Please call Wm. Bruce Shepley, Attorney at Law, immediately, before you talk to the police or go to court by yourself. We represent people in state and federal courts in Portland and Clackamas County. Call 503-683-3967 for a free consultation, or contact us online.