Clackamas County Criminal Defense Attorney

Clackamas County Criminal Defense Attorney

Knowledgeable Clackamas County Criminal Defense Attorney You Can Count on When You Need It Most

If you or a loved one has been accused of having committed a criminal act, it is in your best interest to obtain legal representation as soon as possible.

It does not matter no matter how smart or well-educated you might be, the criminal justice system is not designed to benefit those who represent themselves. Every case is different and only an expert can properly assess your case and advise how to proceed.

An experienced criminal defense lawyers can negotiate deals with prosecutors that might lessen the impact of the situation, formulate sentencing programs suited to your specific needs, help you cope with the emotions that come with facing criminal charges, provide you with a reality check regarding your situation, ensure that all deadlines are met and are rules are followed, and dedicate time and effort to the case that you likely lack. He or she is also familiar with the local court system and knows what to expect based on his or her own professional experience.

As an experienced Clackamas County Criminal Defense Attorney, Bruce can explore all viable options for dealing with your case and help you come up with the best possible defense to move forward.

Experienced Clackamas County Criminal Defense Attorney Will Explain Your Options

Criminal defense attorney Bruce Shepley defends the rights of those accused of a crime. If you are facing criminal charges or you believe criminal charges could be on the way for something you did or did not do, Bruce can help.

Bruce has more than 35 years of criminal defense experience and he has helped clients from all walks of life achieve excellent results. He makes it a priority to keep clients informed at all times throughout the entire process and any decisions concerning their cases are made together after full research of the law, an investigation of the facts, and a thorough analysis of any evidence.

As a Portland criminal defense attorney, Bruce protects clients from aggressive interrogation. He will interview witnesses as soon as possible, contact prosecutors when appropriate, and work to give you as much control and information as he can. He understands the criminal justice system can be confusing, uncertain and frightening. The sooner Bruce is involved in your case, the better you chance for success.

Whether your case has a strong and winning defense or if negotiating a deal is the best means of minimizing the damage in your life, Bruce will draw upon all of his expertise and experience and work for the best possible result.

Contact an Experienced Clackamas County Criminal DefenseAttorney Before You Speak to Law Enforcement

Bruce promises each of his clients that he will do his very best to prevent or end the prosecution against you completely. If and when that is not entirely possible, he does his best to minimize the impact of the criminal justice system in your life. He takes an approach that includes both short-term and long-term objectives and makes every effort to resolve your case before it goes public.

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