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What is Oregon’s law on self-defense?

On Behalf of | Jan 30, 2024 | Criminal Defense |

A verbal altercation can quickly turn physical. When that happens, someone could end up hurt, the police might be called, and you could be charged with a violent crime. If you’re not careful in crafting your criminal defense, then these charges could lead to conviction and the harsh penalties associated with it, including jail or prison time, a lingering criminal record, and irreparable damage to your reputation and your career.

To avoid this outcome, you need to mount an aggressive criminal defense. One of the most effective strategies that might be at your disposal here is self-defense.

Under Oregon law, you can use physical force to defend yourself in certain circumstance. To successfully raise self-defense in your case, you’ll have to show that you acted under a reasonable belief that the use of unlawful force was about to be used against you or a third-party. The amount of force you use can only be to a degree that is reasonably necessary to prevent or stop the physical force in question, too.

That opens the door to a lot of argument, which is why self-defense cases are so fact specific. So, if using self-defense is a possibility in your case, make sure you’re fully analyzing the circumstances surrounding your case so that you know where your argument is strong and where it’s vulnerable.

Do you have questions about using self-defense?

If so, then you should read up on the law so that you know what this defense strategy can and can’t do for you. For example, you might even be able use self-defense as a strategy when someone was threatening your property.

Again, though, these are nuanced arguments that you need to make with care. That’s why it might be best for you to find support from someone who can help you navigate the criminal defense complexities that you’re facing.