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What should I do if the police come to my house?

On Behalf of | Jun 27, 2023 | Criminal Defense |

No one likes to see police officers at their door, as they are usually not bringing good news. Seeing a police officer at your door can also cause you to feel intimidated or frightened, and you may not be sure how to act.

This is understandable, and in fact, sometimes police officers count on you being nervous, hoping it will cause you to say more than you should. Therefore, knowing how to act when a police officer is at your door is crucial.

Ask to see a warrant

You do not have to let the police inside your house if they do not have a search warrant. Do not say anything or answer any questions. Ask them if they have a search warrant.

If they say they have a search warrant, ask to see it. You can ask them to hold it up to a window or slide it under your door. If the warrant is legitimate, they should have no problems doing this.

Without a search warrant, they cannot come into your house, but they can still try talking to you through the door. Remember that you have a right to remain silent and do not have to answer any questions.

Act polite

Do not be rude or angry at the police officers. Treat them respectfully and speak to them calmly.

You might find out they are there for a reason unrelated to you. They could be asking questions about the neighborhood or wondering if you have information on something.

What if they have a warrant?

If the police officers do have a search warrant, you must let them inside your house to perform a search. However, they can only search areas of your house where evidence of a crime is likely to be found.

An encounter with police officers at your door can leave you shaken and with questions about whether your rights were violated. It is important to get answers to these questions as soon as possible.