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Alleged pawnshop robbers indicted by grand jury

On Behalf of | Dec 27, 2022 | Criminal Defense |

The wheels of justice often turn very slowly. Two men who were arrested in July 2022 on suspicion of armed robbery of a pawn shop were just recently indicted by a jury in Washington County.

The alleged robbery

According to the Washington County Sheriff’s office, a man entered the All That Glitters pawn shop on South Pacific Highway at about 2:45 P.M.  Store employees told police that he carried a pistol and very quickly seized cash and merchandise before running out of the store.

Witnesses told police that a second male was driving an automobile that was the get-away vehicle.

After months of investigation, Washington County detectives identified the two men. One, who was alleged to be the robber, was already incarcerated in the Multnomah County jail on an unrelated charge. He was transferred to the Washington County jail after the robbery charges were filed.

The alleged driver of the vehicle was arrested a few days later and was imprisoned in the Washington County jail.

The indictment

The Washington County grand jury indicted both men on charges of first-degree robbery and first-degree aggravated theft. No trial date has been set.

Both men in this case are facing serious criminal charges. If convicted, one or both men could face a lengthy period of incarceration and a significant monetary penalty.

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