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What do I do if I get pulled over after going to the bar?

On Behalf of | Apr 21, 2022 | DUI |

Driving while intoxicated, drunk or even, tipsy is illegal and dangerous. If anyone goes out drinking, there should always be a designated driver available, or at the very least, an Uber, Lyft or taxi taken home. Once you drink, do not drive, period.

Safely pull over

When the lights and sirens turn on, drivers should always pull over, but be sure to do so in a safe place. If there is a nearby parking lot, turn in there. This will allow the police officer to safely exit their vehicle. If there is not a safe, off-street parking location, then pulling off to the side of the road is acceptable as well. Though, please be mindful to pull as far over as is safe. This will ensure that the initial observations of the officer is of a safe driver. Remember, the first thing that a police officer notes in their report is how one pulls over.

Be mindful of body movements

Keep hands in full view of the police officer, and do not make any sudden movements. They are trained to protect themselves, so do not give them a reason to think there is a threat. Do not twist to look behind. Do not sift through the car. Do not open the glove box. Keep both hands on the steering wheel, but roll down your window.

Manners matter

Treat the police officer with respect. Do not be rude or hostile as these actions will increase one’s likelihood of being arrested. If the officer asks the driver to exit the vehicle, comply. Be friendly and helpful, but not so profusive that one appears insincere.

Do not lie, but do not answer incriminating questions

The adrenalin will be pumping at this point and anxiety levels will be high. Breath. The police officer is going to ask questions. Do not lie because lying to the police can be a crime itself. The driver must identify themselves, give them their driver’s license, vehicle registration and insurance card. Beyond this information, simply apologize and state that an attorney advised not to answer any additional questions. Remember, everything from this point forward is about mitigation and not self-incrimination.

Test refusal

Unfortunately, Oregon is an implied consent state, which means that drivers can be compelled to test. Though, this does not mean that one has to comply with the onsite test. Drivers can request the blood or chemical tests that occurs back at the station. And, this is often the better option. However, if one is unsure, ask to speak with an attorney immediately. And, it is not a bad idea to keep an attorney’s number ready, just in case this scenario happens.