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Authorities call for increased enforcement of cannabis farms

On Behalf of | Oct 22, 2021 | Drug Crimes |

For people in Oregon and across the United States, there is a growing acceptance of cannabis for recreational use. Oregon is known for its liberal views on the substance and it has been legalized if those cultivating, processing and selling marijuana adhere to the statewide requirements. However, many are accused of flouting the law with a rising number of illegal cannabis farms across the state. The problem has led to counties feeling overwhelmed and legislators calling for help from Gov. Kate Brown and the National Guard to address it. With that, people will likely face drug charges.

Large marijuana farms prevalent throughout Oregon

There are major marijuana farms in operation throughout the state. Despite its growing acceptance for personal use, this can be categorized as illegal if those running the farms do not follow the law. One farm had approximately 17,500 plants and two tons of already processed marijuana. A separate raid found a similar cache and a complex farming and growing operation. Those overseeing the farms are said to be armed. They are employing migrant workers is what are reportedly harsh living conditions. Police say the situation is gradually getting worse.

Although marijuana is not viewed as the major problem it once was and people can generally use it if they choose to do so without fear of legal consequences, there are still laws regulating it. The governor has not yet decided if she plans to deploy the National Guard, but that it is under consideration speaks to the potential for arrests and charges for those accused of being involved in cultivating, growing, selling, trafficking and distributing marijuana.

For marijuana charges, it is important to be prepared with a defense

If people are accused of wrongdoing under criminal law in this context, there might be various punishments including jail time, fines and more. There could be a misplaced belief that since marijuana is no longer treated as harshly, there will not be arrests, charges and penalties. This is a major mistake. After an arrest, it is imperative to understand how to create a viable defense, explore the legal alternatives and take the necessary steps to avoid long-term challenges. Having immediate advice can help.