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Shooting at apartment complex leads to an arrest

On Behalf of | Jul 16, 2021 | Misdemeanor or Felony Crimes |

Our society’s sensitivity about firearms – rights, ownership, use, etc. – has seemingly never been higher than it is right now. Anytime a firearm is used in an alleged criminal act, the public takes notice. That is why a recent incident at an apartment complex on the southwest side of nearby Portland is gaining widespread media attention.

According to reports, a 32-year-old man allegedly fired approximately 30 shots from a firearm as a result of a dispute over a dog with another individual. The reported details of the incident are quite dramatic. The reports indicate that as the man was allegedly firing off the shots, other residents of the apartment complex subdued him with force and tied him up – holding him nearly prone until law enforcement officials arrived to make an arrest.

There are no reports of injuries to anyone other than the alleged shooter in this incident. However, the suspect has reportedly been charged with attempted murder, among other criminal charges. The media reports indicate that law enforcement officials knew about other gun-related incidents involving this suspect, as well as, potentially, mental health issues.

Crafting a criminal defense strategy

Although this incident happened just recently – only a couple of weeks ago – the suspect is no doubt already facing tough decisions about how to craft a criminal defense strategy. Each case is different, so the approach in any given case will vary. For more information about how our law firm attempts to help individuals in Oregon who face criminal charges, please visit the criminal law overview section of our website.