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Oregon man arrested for selling various drugs over social media

On Behalf of | May 20, 2021 | Drug Crimes |

Although Oregon has moved forward with the decriminalization of possessing small amounts of drugs, people should understand that they can still be arrested for allegations of selling them. Distribution and trafficking is still treated very seriously. This is true for people of any age. If young people are facing charges, it can dramatically impact their long-term future. After a drug arrest, it is imperative to consider all the options and think about crafting a viable defense.

Teens face drug charges and more after investigation and arrest

An 18-year-old man was arrested after law enforcement contacted him to buy various drugs through social media. The teen is said to have been selling counterfeit M30 pills. These are oxycodone pills with fentanyl and other substances. The sheriff’s office set up a meeting to buy the counterfeit M30 and cocaine. The 18-year-old arrived along with four other males who were between 16 and 17. The teens were all placed under arrest. During the arrest, the cocaine was discarded in the vehicle. The investigation yielded more than 1,000 counterfeit M30 pills. Weapons and ammunition were also found. The underage males face charges for drugs, weapons, assault and burglary. The 18-year-old faces multiple charges related to possession of schedule I and schedule II drugs, possession of a controlled substance and more.

Drug charges can result in serious consequences in Oregon

Even though Oregon prefers to treat people with drug problems less harshly than other states, that should not be mistaken with law enforcement allowing people to sell dangerous drugs with impunity. There can still be major consequences for drug charges especially if it includes serious drugs like counterfeit M30 and cocaine. When adding weapons charges to the mix and it can be an extended problem. Still, there are ways to seek a positive outcome. The circumstances of the investigation must be scrutinized to see if there was a violation of the suspect’s rights. The evidence could have been accrued in a faulty manner. There might be a plea bargain available to reduce the charges.

Comprehensive representation can help in seeking a positive outcome

Drug sales through social media and other internet outlets is becoming increasingly common and law enforcement is trying to catch those accused of taking part in it. While this issue is happening more frequently, there are still criminal defense strategies that can be effective. In this case, the young men who were arrested were all teenagers with four being under 18. There could be options for them to avoid the worst penalties. Regardless, having legal assistance is imperative and consulting with experienced professionals can be beneficial from the start.