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Former child actor arrested for domestic violence in Oregon

On Behalf of | Nov 10, 2020 | Domestic Violence |

In Oregon, people who are arrested and charged with domestic violence should be aware of the potentially severe consequences they may face if they are convicted. Jail time, fines, needing to take part in a program to address the issues that led to the incident, and being deprived visitation and custody of children are just some of the challenges that could come up. In addition, there is a stigma against people who are convicted of domestic violence that can negatively impact their personal and professional life. Understanding how to formulate a viable defense is crucial.

Man who appeared on popular TV show arrested for domestic violence

A former child actor on the sitcom “Home Improvement” was arrested in Oregon for allegedly assaulting his girlfriend. Now 39, Zachery Ty Bryan faces felony charges after he was said to have strangled her and committed other acts of abuse. After law enforcement was called at around 10:20 in the evening, the woman said that Mr. Bryan assaulted her.

According to her, they have been together for two years. He had started behaving abusively a month earlier and the treatment had escalated. She said she could not breathe for about 45 seconds because he was choking her. She escaped and called police, but he took the phone and hung up. The dispatcher called back, but he stood near her listening to what she was saying. Police went to the apartment, saw she had marks on her face and noticed blood. She also had marks on her neck and lumps on her head. Mr. Bryan was arrested and charged.

Legal assistance is imperative to combat domestic violence charges

Regardless of the circumstances, people who are accused of domestic violence must know their rights. There might have been extenuating circumstances, wrongful allegations or violent acts on both sides. These charges can be complex, especially if the alleged perpetrator is somewhat recognizable as is the case with Mr. Bryan. Even if there is a grain of truth in the accusations, there may be avenues available to avoid the worst penalties by agreeing to take part in an intervention program or getting a plea bargain to avoid jail. Before making the situation worse, it is wise to consult with an experienced legal professional who can help with criminal defense.