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What are some types of domestic violence?

On Behalf of | Jul 30, 2020 | Domestic Violence |

When you face charges of spousal abuse, you may wonder what the types of offenses detail.

Learning more about the categories of domestic violence can help you understand the array of issues you are facing.


According to The Advocates for Human Rights, domestic violence involves threats or abusive behaviors against others, typically spouses or partners. Not all kinds of abuse are physical abuse. In fact, threats of usage of power or financial control are also included in this definition.

Both men and women can experience these coercive behaviors. Even if the issue happens only once, it may be enough for someone to press charges.

Physical and mental methods

Using intimidation and manipulation can come in non-physical ways, along with hands-on ones. For example, shoving or choking someone in an argument or in order to injure him or her is physical violence.

However, psychological violence often consists of less obvious actions than physical attacks. It may involve name-calling, belittling your spouse, embarrassment, or even using religious or spiritual beliefs to guilt him or her into doing what you want. Cutting someone off from his or her family and friends is also a typical warning sign for this issue.

Other methods

Controlling the flow of money in a household or constantly supervising your significant other to the point where he or she does not have privacy are also signs of an abusive relationship. Not all circumstances of disagreements over money or other issues are abuse. If your spouse accuses you of any of these forms of abuse, you can argue against it.