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Protecting yourself from a DUI in college

On Behalf of | Jun 17, 2020 | DUI |

Oregon college students like you may not know what to do next when facing a first time DUI charge. You may feel tempted to write it off. After all, it is only a first time offense, right?

In reality, a first time charge can still become a first time conviction. And no matter how many times you faced convictions in the past, a DUI conviction can impact your future. This includes first time offenses.

Colleges remove their financial assistance

The College Investor discusses the importance of taking DUI charges seriously. The college often gets to decide how to handle students with DUI convictions on record. The police inform the directors what has happened. From there, they will confer with each other to decide how to handle your case. Often, a college does not expel students directly for a DUI conviction. But they may manipulate things in a way to encourage or force you to leave.

For example, it is common for colleges to cut financial support if providing you any. They may discontinue scholarships or revoke financial rewards. It is common to bar students with DUI convictions from using on-campus housing. This means you would have to find full price housing off campus. This is a good deal more expensive. This combination often makes it impossible to continue attending college.

Career paths may close to you

Your career can also suffer. Did you hope to work with kids? Did you intend to get a commercial driver’s license? Having a DUI on record impacts the fields you can go into. This is all crucial for college students to remember. One DUI may permanently impact your life.